bymodern acquires exclusive rights to represent Gediminas Gelgotas in Lithuania

Since September 2023, Bymodern is the official representative of a famous Lithuanian composer and conductor Gediminas Gelgotas in Lithuania. This development concerns the implementation of G. Gelgotas‘ creative projects, as well as the organization and management of concerts and special events.

Gediminas Gelgotas gained international recognition back in 2012, when his symphony “Never Ignore the Cosmic Ocean” awed the audience gathered in the Great Hall of Berlin’s Konzerthaus. Following this debute, “Neue Muzikzeitung” - a German magazine of music critics - described the symphony as a “sensational”” piece. This reference became a significant tipping point in G. Gelgotas’ career, opening new creative opportunities and taking his music to some of the most famous venues and festival stages in Europe.

According to musicians who perform G. Gelgotas’ pieces, his music has an authentic feel that appeals to a broad audience within the field of classical music. Thanks to the minimalist aesthetic that fuses modernist and experimental influences with a strong rhythmical foundation, music critics also praise G. Gelgotas’ music for reflecting a strong sense of freedom and unapologetic openness. Or, as a legendary American composer and performer Terry Riley described it in 2009, “His unique and compelling approach to music is exactly what the audience has been looking for”.

In 2006, G. Gelgotas assembled a chamber orchestra, NIKO, which soon gained the status of the official orchestra of Vilnius city. NIKO performs G. Gelgotas’ music and other pieces written by famous classical composers. Since its assembly, the orchestra also gained global recognition and is actively touring with over 50 performances all around Europe, Asia and the US in its agenda every year.

G. Gelgotas also infuses his dynamic career by conducting symphony and chamber orchestras, leading professional quires and performing his pieces on a grand piano alongside chamber orchestras.